About InKat

Innovation and new product incubation focused company that provides technology solutions at the intersection of mobile, social, analytics and cloud computing areas

The company is structured around 4 key business units. InKat Labs, InKat services, Incubate by InKat and InKat digital products.

InKat Labs is the R&D hub. InKat technology services provides IP led technology services in the key focus areas for the company. Incubate by InKat is a shared infra and shared tech services model based incubation support program for entrepreneurs. And InKat digital media provides digital presence and marketing management services.

InKat was formed with the aim to fill-in a gap that today’s technology focused companies have failed to address. And that is to transform the role of technology from a support function to a core driver & source of differentiation for a business. While lot of people talk about this, the trick is to ensure that true focus of business shifts from managing technology to leveraging the best that technology has to offer to further business goals. And this is easier said than done. The practical and meaningful answer to this question at the heart of InKat.

Company's vision is to help in the creation of ‘New’. By bringing in the best that technology offers today and by pushing the limits of what technology can do tomorrow. And by making it easy for an entrepreneur and enterprise alike to leverage the same. Do as much heavy lifting as we can do so that our clients can focus on their ideas and business execution

With over 35% of company revenues being spent on R&D, InKat is constantly building a technology infrastructure based on the notion of platforms and cloud services that is improving our ability to serve our clients using innovative and cost and time efficient models